Hi, I’m Jessica.

I believe in deep nourishment, in honoring our truth, and in the power of art to heal.

I fell in love with painting in college, while mentoring students through art making.

Spiritual growth has been a huge part of my life since I was a teen, and has been vital in helping me through life’s challenges, from the death of my mother and divorce, to overcoming my own self-destructive patterns and learning to love myself.

Combining spiritual growth and creativity has been vital to me in healing my past and learning to create the healthy, happy life I have today. It was a long road to where I am now, and it wasn’t easy. I share what I’ve learned in my courses and coaching sessions to help women overcome challenges on the path to their dreams.

I have a Masters Degree in Education, and a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, but life experience has been my greatest teacher.

My paintings have been published in the book “Intuitive Painting Workshop” by Alena Hennessy, and are available in my shop, along with other items that change with the seasons.

My blog is a celebration of the things I love, and personal reflections, rooted in with my family life.

I live in San Diego, California with the love of my life and three children, and dream of a life in the woods ♥️