About Me:

I’m a lover of stars, velvet, the moon, old wallpaper, mountains, baths, books, lace, and magical moments. I’m also fond of thrift stores, antique shops, the sky at night, and drives to the country (especially for breakfast!) I’m passionate about creativity and motherhood, and love encouraging my children to create. When I’m not painting or writing, I love to read, travel, spend time with loved ones, take photos, try out new recipes, make products with essential oils, and live slow + seasonally.

My Art Story:

I fell in love with painting in college while doing art projects as a mentor for elementary school students. After college, I spent many years working in an office, but my heart always called me back to art. In 2013, during a challenging time, I began blogging and taking art classes, and practiced painting at my dining room table. Over time, painting became a form of self-care for me, giving me an outlet for processing my thoughts and feelings.

A few years later, when I was home with my youngest on maternity leave, I began a daily painting practice. I finished 22 paintings that year, and shared the journey on Instagram. The following year, I officially began my art business, launched my first collection, and sold 30 paintings. Now lovely people all over the world hang my work in their spaces, which I am so grateful for. Today, painting continues to be a healing practice for me, which led me to becoming certified in therapeutic art. You can read more about my art story here.

My abstract paintings & prints are inspired by color, texture, and nature and can be found in my shop. On my blog, you’ll find posts on motherhood, creativity, and personal growth, rooted in with my daily life. My latest adventure is my YouTube channel where you’ll find behind-the-scenes art videos, along with motherhood and lifestyle content. I live in Southern California with my husband and two daughters (my son who lives on his own), and dream of a life in the woods.