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(Dec. 30, 2017) I've given a little thought to what my word of the year or guiding phrase will be for 2018. I considered keeping it very simple with something like peace, joy, faith, or magic. And then it hit me. What do I really need right now? And there it was. "Deep Inner Rest."

I thought about January and how it's the Monday of the year, and how it's the time everyone really "needs to get their shit together." January is typically really high energy, goal-oriented, and intense....none of which resonate with me. I considered it further, and thought about how it didn't seem right to me. Winter is supposed to be slow, nourishing, & introspective.

The holidays are so draining in certain respects, with so much activity, kids off of school, all the shopping, wrapping, decorating, and preparing. All the clean up afterwards. I am just coming off all of this extra activity, and yes, stress, and I'm supposed to jump in to full blown self-improvement mode?! I don't think so. What I need is, "Deep Inner Rest."

So I've decided not to have a word of the year, but to consider what I need month by month, and to set an intention. I will ask myself as the month begins, intuitively feel what I need, and move in that direction. This won't be a strict process, and it will be gentle because that's what I need.

Here are some ways I thought I could achieve some deep inner rest even with a seven & one year old. (It will have to come in small doses, but better than not at all.)

1. Limiting internet activity to only what feeds me

2. Watching movies I've wanted to see since Isabelle was born

3. Drinking lots of water

4. Reading for pleasure, hopefully one book all the way through

5. Using special bath blends when I take a bath

6. More tea

7. Cooking some really delicious, wholesome meals for the family

8. Baking

9. Lighting candles

10. Listening to more music

11. Releasing the "need to know" regarding my business

12. More nature & laughter

13. Creating a capsule wardrobe to simplify my days

14. Stop taking on other's energy

15. Breathe, pray, trust, surrender....repeat

Those are just some ideas, but I don't intend to make deep inner resting a to do list. More of a shift I want to feel. What are some ways you rest & revive your spirit? <3

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