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(Jan. 16, 2014) I'm a little late in posting this since it's related to the new year, but I wanted to share my core desired feelings for 2014. I did a lot of "feeling my way" through the exercise of coming up with them. I would try on a word, for example, "amazing" and then I would feel how it would resonate in my body. I've been feeling my way quite a bit lately in terms of making decisions, or just asking myself simply, "what do I need most right now?" or "what feels the best?" Honestly, this perspective has changed everything. I've been receiving so much insight since I've been using my feelings as a guidepost. I have Danielle LaPorte to thank for that. (See previous post on Core Desired Feelings). I highly recommend reading her book the Desire Map or simply listening to any one of her many speaking gigs or interviews on YouTube, Spreecast or Vimeo.

Living according to my feelings is not riding a wave of up and down emotions, for those are fleeting. How you want to feel goes deeper than that. Just the process of checking in with my body more often has really connected me to what I value and what I want. It has been enormously helpful navigating life this way, and I highly recommend it. At some point I just realized that everything I'm chasing on the outside doesn't matter if I don't feel good on the inside. And so repeatedly tuning in to how I feel gives me the information I need on a deep level, so that I can keep steering towards that good. Or simply, sit back and open to that good rather than even chasing it.

And so, my words for 2014......

Glowing: This to me means healthy, vibrant, energized and fully expressed from the inside out.

Serendipitous: In the flow of life, surrounded by fortunate "accidents."

Held: Supported, guided, nurtured, and cared for on a very deep level by God, myself, and those in my life.

Ease: Uncomplicated, simple....just easy for once.

Magical: I debated taking this one out so that I would only have four, but hey...don't we all need to sprinkle a little glitter on our life? I chose this one because I want to be amazed by the wonderful things happening in my life.

And there you have it....cheers to 2014....the year of dreams becoming reality!

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